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Frequently Asked Questions

I paid off my judgment, why is there still a judgment lien?

1. First go to the Court Clerk’s office and request a certified copy of the release and satisfaction of judgment.
2. Take the certified copy and file it with the County Clerk/Registrar of Deeds office.
3. Each office may charge a nominal fee the certified copy and filing.
4. Often this can be done by mail.

I filed bankruptcy but there is still a lien on my property, why?

A bankruptcy does not automatically discharge liens. Unavoided liens are not affected by a bankruptcy filing.There is no obligation of the creditor or its law firm to release a judgment lien.

This matter still shows up on my credit bureau even though I paid it off or filed bankruptcy.

Our office does not do any credit reporting. Therefore we cannot change any of the items that appear in your credit report. You may want to contact the company that issued the credit report (Experian, Transunion, Equifax) and discuss how to obtain the changes or corrections you desire.

My lender or title company says that there is a lien on my property but this does not involve me. How did this happen and what can I do?

In Oklahoma judgment liens are filed against individuals and are indexed by name.Judgment liens are not placed on specific pieces of property. Obviously the judgment lien in question affects a person with a name that is the same or similar to yours.It is not unusual for lenders or title companies to want to insure that the judgment lien does not involve the person with whom they are dealing. Most lenders and title companies take the initiative to contact us to verify the lien does not affect your property. Usually this is done by a telephone call, a fax or a simple form. There is no reason for the lender or title company to place the burden on you to clear up the lien that is not yours. We suggest to most people in your situation to contact their lender or title company and have them contact us to clear up the matter.

I need another copy of the garnishment calculation form:

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